The Happy Genes… !

Ever wondered how and why some people are so naturally happy in spite of the life’s  ups and downs. What’s their secret of happiness? Is it because they have found an ultimate happiness formula?  Well, the chances are highly unlikely. Maybe they have a Magic Pill which maintains their overall happiness? There’s no such pill either. What else you might be wondering ……..  Well the harsh truth is about to be revealed!

And that is ….. Research has confirmed that Genes do play a major role in determining one’s overall happiness and fulfillment in life. So what now ? If genes play a major role in our happiness , then why bother about the concept on happiness? Why take a journey on happiness to discover the happiness prescriptions?  Well, that’s why I usually say Happiness is elusive.

Genes do play a major role but so do voluntary actions. NY times had published an article titled ” The formula for happiness “. Arthur C Brooks gives an equation for happiness.

Happiness H = S + C + V

S- Biological set point ( genetics )

C- Conditions of life

V- Voluntary activities.

According to this study , researchers say that around 50% of our happiness is determined by genetics. But, it is interesting to note that around 40% of our happiness is determined by the daily choices and the actions we take. That means we can increase our happiness by 40% just by our choices we make on our daily basis and with little practice.

Wondering what could be the choices or actions we have to take on a daily basis to become a happy human being??  Well, that’s what this blog is all about.. Stay tuned 🙂


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