The happiness inhibitor!!!

Any event , situation or a thought that inhibits our happiness for a short or significant amount of time can be termed as happiness inhibitor. Ever had a thought like this ?? Can there be a promoter and inhibitor to happiness just like there are catalytic promoters and catalytic inhibitors?? Yes , indeed !
Wondering what could be the inhibitor that is holding you back from your much deserved happiness??
Well , its no magic science and most of us would have already known about it. And that is WORRYING.
Take some time to reflect on this. While reading this blog , were you totally present in the moment? Or were you worrying about something that you don’t even know its actually gonna happen. How many of us do not spend our major portion of our lives worrying about it ? Worrying about what should be done , worrying about what could have been done , worrying about the house , worrying about your school , worrying about your health , worrying about things that don’t even exist ! Its like most of us are addicted to it. Yes, worrying is addictive. Because worry gives us a false promise that it would solve any problem of our’s if we stick long enough to it. But eventually , it does not do us any good!
Robin Sharma in his ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’ wonderfully puts it as …

Worry drains the mind of much of its power and sooner or later , it injures the soul.

The first step towards mindfulness and eventually happiness is to stop worrying. That’s it!! But it is easily said than done. Since it is addictive, trying to stop worrying can be a herculean task. So, in my next blog, I will share some wonderful insights on how to stop worrying. Stay tuned..
With lots of love, with you on this journey, Madhusudhanr


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